The struggle against irregular migration by sea at the Canary Islands

Publication date: 2014

Pages: 59-76

Subject: Científico, Derecho del mar, Derechos humanos

Summary: In the last few decades, the law of the sea has been affected not only by the processes of globalization that have changed the key interests of the international community but also by natural phenomena like climate change. In addition, technological advances that have opened up new opportunities to exploit marine resources and to produce energy and which make the sea in itself a resource, have contributed to a further development of the law of the sea.This book analyzes those areas of the law of the sea in which these transformations taking place seem to be more significant: migration by sea, the security of navigation and the fight against piracy, safety of navigation, protection of maritime labor, the legal framework governing the polar regions and some special issues relating to the harnessing of marine resources. This book offers a contribution to the study of the evolution of the law of the sea and will not fail to be of interest to academics in the field.