Big data and the new armed conflicts

Publication date: 2022

Subject: Científico, Derechos humanos

Summary: In contemporary international society, armed conflicts have undergone radical changes resulting from the current geostrategic scenario and the far-reaching revolution in the new technologies. In fact, these phenomena are as old as the human race and have adapted their nature to the social, political, technological and industrial changes of each historical moment. A quick analysis of our history is enough to understand their evolution: armed conflicts in agricultural societies were nothing more than a reproduction of the social structure of the time. The Napoleonic wars of the 19th century reflected the transition from feudalism to the industrialized society. World War I would take the effects of the industrial revolution to the battlefield. Finally, World War II would highlight the results of scientific research for military purposes with the development of atomic weapons for large-scale destruction. The situation today is no different. Wars and conflicts continue to be a true reflection of the present historical moment, in which artificial intelligence, new technologies and big data play a special role. We are living through a 4th Industrial Revolution that brings advantages and poses challenges of a disruptive nature to the development of armed conflicts. It is to this topic that we dedicate our publication