Legal regime on navigation through the Strait of Gibraltar: the role of its coastal States

Legal regime on navigation through the Strait of Gibraltar

Revista: Revista Il Diritto Maritimo

Fecha publicación: 2017

Páginas: 349-366

ISSN: 0012-348x

Temática: Derecho del Mar, Científica

Resumen: The Strait of Gibraltar has all the characteristics of the straits used for international navigation. Its coastal states are signatories of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and accept the transit passage regime. The agreements between the international community and the States bordering the Strait regarding the definition of maritime navigation lanes, with particular stress on the rights and obligations of the said States, as well as the international commitments undertaken by both States in terms of environmental protection and how their pledge is affected by the applicable navigation regime in the Strait are discussed in this study.